Connecting Across Asia

Synergistic Partnerships for Emerging Markets

Exciting Access to Market Opportunities

Your business is made up of scattered networks around the world - what links it all up is what makes it successful.

At Scatterlinx, we understand this  - which is why we specialise in developing business networks for your business.  We believe that that things and events happen for a reason, and the ability to effectively leverage on existing and future connections is the key to success.

Scatterlinx - we connect you.

About Scatterlinx

Scatterlinx is a boutique marketing agency specialising in trade events, business development and sales representations for the region.

With a strong interest in emerging markets in Asia, Scatterlinx seeks to forge close partnerships with synergistic partners for win-win solutions.

With a combined 50 years of experience in business marketing, development, trade events, sales development, and collaborative partnerships, we ARE your preferred partner in Asia.

Where Marketing Meets Events!


Marketing and promotion services and sales activities for media, booth & sponsorship


Event conceptualising and management for trade shows, conferences and special events


Market feasibility studies, research and outreach to in-market networks

Our Expertise

Events Management
Exhibitions Management
Conference Management
Special Events
Business Development
Sales & Marketing Support
Programme Development
Research and Consultancy
Regional Country Networks